The vineyards

The large vineyard called Campo Firata, whose calcareous-clay soil is particularly suited to producing quality wines, lies in front of our house and the winery. Thirteen years ago, in this South-West facing land, we planted three hectares of vines. More than two thirds of the vineyard are taken up with Barbera, one of the most typical black grape varieties of Monferrato. For the remaining part we chose Viognier, a white grape variety native of the Rhone valley, and well suited to our land, for the production of well-structured wines yet with soft and rich aromas.


In 2015 we decided to increase our production and we planted a further three hectares on the top of an adjacent hill of the same geological type. This new vineyard, called Montalberto, is now in full production and hosts two other historical Piedmontese grapes: Nebbiolo (in the east facing part) and Grignolino (in the south-west facing part).


We also decided to suspend the use in both vineyards of weed-killers, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers and to opt for environment-friendly techniques and products.


It is now four years since we began to grow our vines, both in Campo Firata and Montalberto, according to the rules of organic agriculture.