The vineyards

The large vineyard called Campo Firata, whose calcareous-clay soil is particularly suited to producing quality wines, lies in front of our house and the winery. Ten years ago in this South-West facing land, we planted three hectares of vines. More than two thirds of the vineyard are taken up with two typical Piedmont black grapes, Freisa and Barbera, with the latter largely prevailing, while the remaining part is shared equally between Merlot, which needs no further introduction, and Viognier, a white grape native of the Rhone valley, and well suited to our land, for the production of well structured wines, yet with soft and rich with aromas. Our highly skilled workers cultivate these grapes, with great care and passion, under the supervision of two agronomists with long experience and proven competence.


From these four grape varieties, Colle Firata currently produces three DOC, and one DOCG wine, described below. Recently, we decided to significantly increase our production, and so we began to plant a further seven hectares on our land of the same geological type, near to Campo Firata. This new area is divided into two. The first, called Montalberto, is on the top of a hill, and will be planted with two other traditional Piedmontese vine varieties: Nebbiolo (on the side exposed to the east) and Grignolino (on the side sloping towards the South-West). In the second, one, called Samnent, with the same South-Westerly exposure, we will grow new Barbera and Viognier vines, which are giving excellent results in the Campo Firata, and in addition, some Arneis vines, a well known Piedmontese white grape variety.