The winery

The newly built winery is the heart of Colle Firata’s wine making process. It is endowed with the most modern equipment that recent developments in oenological science and technology offer to producers prepared to invest in excellence. The equipment includes a stainless steel bladder press to gently free the juice from grapes, a number of thermo-regulated steel tanks to control the temperature during fermentation, a micro-oxygenation kit for a measured oxygen transfer during the ageing of wines in steel tanks, a multi-stage filtration plant to refine the clarity of the final product, French and American oak barriques, carefully selected and used only once. Nothing is left to chance either during the aging of wines in wooden barrels or during their further maturation in bottles. Both these phases are vital for producing quality wines. Therefore, temperature and humidity are kept constant, to avoid fluctuation in temperature and the drying out of barriques and corks , which would cause a too rapid evolution of the wines. An expert and capable young oenologist, educated at one of the most renowned Italian institutes of oenology, is our indispensable consultant for the entire wine making process.


The welcome area


Colle Firata aims to create a trusting relationship with visitors and customers, based on openness and familiarity. The best way to achieve this is to offer excellent products at a good price, so that they satisfy demanding and passionate buyers, who are our primary target. However, we believe that an intimate knowledge of this land, and of the passionate commitment of its wine growers is important for appreciating wine as a symbol of culture and a refined way of life. To this end Colle Firata has created a welcome area consisting of a comfortable room, and a lovely garden where we will be happy to receive visitors who wish to spend time tasting our wines, and relaxing in a peaceful countryside.