Colle Firata

Colle Firata is a family winery located in the commune of Lu Monferrato, on one of those gentle hills which from ancient times have been devoted to the cultivation of the vine. Our estate, surrounded by a magical landscape shaped by the culture of wine, includes our family home, an old farmhouse called ‘Cascina Firata’ with its garden, the vineyards, and the nearby ‘Cascina Bersano’ where our wines are produced.


In the Cascina Bersano we have also set up a wine tasting room where visitors and buyers are welcome. The room overlooks a pergola and a lovely garden with flowers, fruit trees, and an orchard. A narrow arch leads to the traditional underground vaulted cellar where the wines are aging in barriques.


The whole process of production, from the choice of vines to the labelling and packaging of the bottles is carried out on the estate, with the highest respect for tradition, together with the most up to date agronomical and oenological technology. Our aim is to achieve excellence, both by valuing the land, and its traditional wines, whilst adopting the latest methods of production.


Paolo and Cristina Martelli

Last news

20/05/2019 | Colle Firata ad Amsterdam con i Vini del Piemonte

Una nuova tappa per Colle Firata che ha portato i suoi vini ad Amsterdam per l’evento organizzato da i Vini del Piemonte e Barolo and Friends.

20/05/2019 | Colle Firata a Zurigo con Confagricoltura.

Tommaso e Claudia portano a Zurigo i vini di Colle Firata per l’evento “Vino e passione” organizzato da Confagricoltura.