Barbera del Monferrato Superiore DOCG

Just one kilometre from the winery lies the 1,000 years old church of San Giovanni in Mediliano, precious witness to an illustrious heritage looked after by the municipality of Lu. We dared to draw inspiration from and name our wine after this important monument, making all the efforts to reach an outstanding result. We hope - and at the risk of sounding immodest - we believe we succeeded. The grapes that make this Barbera Superiore DOCG are selected, pressed and vinified with the utmost care at every stage, as briefly described in the tasting notes. 20 months aging in the best barriques available on the market complete this wine, which is comparable only to the finest in the region.

As with all its peers Mediliano should be savoured carefully, uncorking the bottle in advance and using a large glass where the wine can rest - or even better swirl slowly - for a moment before tasting it. In this way one may fully appreciate its qualities and perceive all the emotions conveyable to a true enthusiast.

From the above it naturally follows that the most typical food pairing is with red meat (usually grilled or stewed) or aged cheese. When in season mushrooms, truffles and venison are valid alternatives. But we suggest that one can also enjoy it in the company of a good book or, even better, as a complement to a long and relaxed conversation.


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