Monferrato Bianco DOC

We named this wine for ďall seasonsĒ after the evergreen plant that blossoms beautifully also in Winter. And actually itís our most successful wine, so much so that we are not always able to meet demand. Itís made from Viognier grapes, a white variety originally from the Northern part of the Rhone valley, also cultivated in Italy, in Piedmont but also in Tuscany and Sicily. Its acidity and delicate aromas of peach and citrus make it the ideal aperitif, but it is also particularly suitable to accompany tasty appetizers as well as fish-based pastas, risottos and main courses. In summer many love to drink it ice cold. Itís a custom the we respect but, watch out, Iberis itís not a simple wine: it is an elegant and rather structured white made with great care, and will reward those who will take the time to savour it carefully with many pleasant sensorial surprises.


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