Monferrato Bianco DOC

We chose this name for the warm and sunny feelings it evokes and that well represent the characteristics of this wine. But, let’s admit it, also because during the French Revolution Thermidor marked the end of The Terror and we thought this was a good opportunity to show our stance against any ideological fanaticism, which may or may not have to do with the peaceful culture of wine.

Termidoro is a brave experiment. In Italy white wines – mainly sparkling but many still wines too – are considered more or less like beverages. This is not the case for our Termidoro that commands the closest attention of the drinker. The raw material is selected Viognier grapes, the same grapes used for Iberis, but the winemaking process includes some maceration and then a long period of aging in first and second fill barriques. These and other oenological undertakings give rise to an exceptional product that harmoniously balances Viognier’s scents of tropical fruits and flowers with the intense and spicy notes from the barriques. If all this doesn’t interest you, please move on. Otherwise we think you won’t be disappointed when you will taste it, especially if you will resist the temptation to drink it straight out of the refrigerator and wait for it to be at 10-12°C.

When it comes to pairing it with food, Termidoro is a very versatile wine. With the exception perhaps of a chargrilled steak, it goes well with many meat dishes, from roast chicken to pork loin to veal cutlets. Not to mention fish-based pastas, risottos and main courses. Finally, Termidoro’s characteristics make it ideal with some relatively spicy dishes from non-Western cuisines such as, by way of example, steamed dumplings, sweet and sour pork, chicken curry, tandoori chicken, hummus, falafel, pad thai, etc.


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